The Totem Method

A Totem is a guide. The Totem method takes inspiration from the natural world around us and guides us through an exploration of yoga and movement. Weaving myriad elements seamlessly into one practice, Totem is the definition of true balance. Each practice is naturally inspired; each day a fresh start on the mat. We like to say "Don't just make yoga your nature, make nature your yoga"!

Getting Down To Asana

We often get asked "What style of yoga do you teach?" to which we always reply "just yoga". Technically we teach a blend of Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vikasa, Awakening, Rocket, Universal, Yin... the list goes on. But we also play with animal exercise and other non-yoga movement modalities.

We've studied anatomy and biology; worked in the sport and fitness industries for over a decade; and lived our yoga practice for many years. Reflection on what we've learned and experienced has instilled in us a strong belief in having a dynamic and balanced physical practice.

Your movement practice should be similar to your diet. If all you ever ate were mangoes, no matter how much you enjoyed them, you'd lack vital nutrients necessary for optimal health. Similarly, if you always engadge in the same movement patterns you'll lack vital areas of mobility and stability likewise necessary for optimal health. The key is balance.



Spiritual Yoga

Our philosophy is East meets West. Where Yogic teachings guide us to the wisdom within and Native teachings show us there's wisdom to be found all around. Together they offer self-empowerment and the opportunity to connect with and live as the authentic self: your best self, wild and free.

The Yoga sutras don't spend much time talking about posture, but they do indicate that different people need different kinds of yoga. They also teach that the yogi should practice non-attachment - and we feel that includes mental attachments like having to practice one set way. So even though our way of doing yoga might sometimes seem nontraditional, by offering inclusive options and being unafraid to try new things we honor the ritual at the heart of yoga.

As a part of this, we like to offer meditation and spiritual work to balance out our strong physical practice. At Totem we offer a unique spiritual lineage up to our students. We work with an 8 charka system which  includes the "Primal" or "Nature" chakra. Whether you believe in spiritual energy, or you view chakras as metaphors for parts of your conscious-being, practicing and living more in-tune with nature is beneficial to everyone. This has been a huge part of our yoga journey, and something that has resonated with our students all over the globe.