Classes are all-levels, bookings are required


MONDAYS | 18:00 | 60 or 75min |Fly-strong* | @ Mandurah Movement Therapy | Bookings required, all-levels

WEDNESDAYS | 18:00| 75min | Flow* | @ Mandurah Movement Therapy | Bookings required, all-levels

* Flow is our standard aerial yoga class; a mixture of flexibility, strength + balance

** Fly-strong class adds in foundational strength building elements to the practice




4-week short course | 60min/week | @ the M.A.R.C. | Bookings essential | choose from:

Mondays | 09:10 | all-levels

Saturdays | 10:20 | all-levels

Courses limited to 9 spaces, cost of $80/person, for all bookings contact the M.A.R.C. on 08 9550 3600


Aerial Yoga F.A.Q.

What’s Aerial Yoga?

Aerial is a style of yoga done in a “silk”, a special yoga hammock. It’s relaxing but also heaps of fun! Aerial yoga can help build flexibility, strength, and self-confidence.

Who can do Aerial Yoga?

Anyone! Like all Totem classes, Aerial Flow is an all-levels practice welcome to any experience level. Aerial is well adapted to this as the silk can take much of your body-weight, making it an ideal prop for beginners, but will also allow for a lot of play and exploration which is great for experienced yogis.

Where is the class / course?

Find our classes at local fitness studios near you.

Find our short courses at the local rec centre. The area is enclosed, shaded, has fans and toilet access, but it is outside so remember to dress for the season and keep in mind that class will be moved or postponed if there is inclement weather.

What do I bring / wear?

Silks and mats will be provided, though we recommend you bring your own yoga mat if you own one. Just like normal yoga, wear comfortable and stretchy clothing. Some people prefer long-sleeves and pants or tights to reduce the possibility of friction against the silk, but in warm weather we find a t-shirt and knee-length shorts do just fine.

Will I go upside-down?

Yes! Inversions are one of the most fun and exciting elements of Aerial Yoga, and can feel great for the spine. Inversions only make up a small part of an aerial yoga class though, becuase just like in a regular yoga class it wouldn’t be comfortable to spend the whole time upside-down. Alternate options will always be given for those not feeling confident on the day.